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What does a water softener cost?

What does a water softener cost?

The cost of a water softener depends on several factors. Obviously, a household of 2 people requires a different appliance than a household of 5 people. This is 1 of the factors that determine the price of your device. In addition, the number of water points also plays a role, think of the number of toilets on city water, number of bathrooms, sinks … A third important point is the hardness of the water, this also determines the cost of your water softener. This mainly plays a role in salt consumption and maintenance.


But don’t focus on the cost price. Be sure to look at the benefits too, as they will help you save in the long run.


You save on the consumption of your appliances. Appliances that work with water are less likely to break down when used with soft water. Using soft water is also better for your pipes and taps. In addition, soft water also saves you time as you no longer have to remove limescale. So the cost of a water softener is more (or less) than the price alone.


A water softener to a fair and
correct price with after-sales service


Benefits of a water softener

No scale build-up on showers and faucets and ensures clean plumbing

Longer life of various household appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers, irons, etc.)

No unnecessary efforts for separate descaling with chemicals of various appliances

Your central heating system requires less maintenance

Energy bill goes down

Softer skin and hair

In short, a water softener or water softener provides more comfort and a more pleasant life. Less cleaning, fewer broken and leaking taps… Don’t wait any longer and request your no-obligation quote from Soft Water Solutions today!