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Soft water for all in Brussels

Water softeners region of Brussels

Soft Water Solutions guarantees quality water softeners at the most competitive price in Brussels region


If the tap water in your community is hard (see Hard Water), it doesn’t mean you can’t use it. A water softener from Soft Water Solutions ensures that you can drink and use your tap water worry-free in your household.


A water softener is going to make the water from your tap lime-free. This ensures:

Less limescale on your household appliances: coffee maker, kettle, water heater, faucets, ...

Softer shower water which is better for your skin and hair

Betere werking van zeep: kalk mengt zich met zeep en zorgt voor een verminderde werking

Installing a water softener for your home is an investment. Your household appliances will have a longer lifespan. You also save on descaling products, cleaning products … In addition, soft water is simply more pleasant and it saves you extra cleaning work due to limescale.


If you live in Brussels (1000), the water hardness of your tap water is between 17°F and 32°F.


Are you unsure whether or not you would install a water softener? Don’t hesitate any longer and make an appointment. Soft Water Solutions comes to your place in Brussels and has correct and free advice after performing a free test on the hardness of your water.


A water softener to a fair and
correct price with after-sales service


Operation of our water softeners

Water softeners that work on with ion exchange are often seen as the most efficient, which is why we at Soft Water Solutions choose this method.


The water softener consists of a cylinder. Resin beads are placed in it. In it, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are exchanged for sodium ions. The water is thus descaled by the resin beads. The salt reservoir takes care of rinsing or regenerating the resin cylinder. The resin beads become saturated after some time and then their action decreases. The salt or brine water rinses the lime and magnesium from the resin so that it becomes clean again and so that ion exchange can once again take place optimally.


In short, a water softener or water softener provides more comfort and a more pleasant life. Less cleaning, fewer broken and leaking taps, …


Soft Water Solutions supplies you with water softeners in all versions, ranging from resin tanks of 4 to 75 litres.

Would you also like to save 650 euros a year?
Then ask for your no-obligation quote

How much can I save?

Aqua Belgica, the Belgian Water Treatment Federation, calculated, based on figures from the NIS, that a Belgian family of four could save up to €650 on an annual basis by using a water softener

Maintenance and replacement costs

200 euro

Saving on your energy costs

63 euro

Cost of cleaning and maintenance products

93 euro

Cost of care products

117 euro

Cost of clothing and laundry

177 euro

Do you already have a water softener? Then schedule your maintenance (all brands)