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Maintenance yields

Maintenance of your water softener

The frequency of maintenance for your water softener may vary according to model and consumption. For most water softeners, one annual maintenance is sufficient. Soft Water Solutions provides maintenance of your water softener, even if it was not installed by us. Because of our years of experience in water softeners/water softeners, we have experience with (almost) all appliances. Thus, we can extend and increase the life of your appliance through our good service. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of your appliance but also ensures it continues to work as it should!


If you want to use your water softener optimally and for a long duration, annual maintenance of the appliance is recommended.
Soft Water Solutions performs such checks on appliances installed by us as well as on appliances from other suppliers.
Maintenance involves checking the operation of the water softener, replacing parts where necessary. In case of large costs, the trade-off is always made whether the maintenance still outweighs the installation of a new device.


Schedule your maintenance (all brands)


What does maintenance involve?

To ensure the longevity and optimal operation of your appliance, we recommend annual maintenance. Both for appliances installed by us and water softeners not installed by us, we offer a maintenance package. You pay a fixed amount once a year for full maintenance and the necessary products to keep your water softener working optimally. This without obligations or annual contracts.


At annual maintenance, we supply not the known salt for water softeners but also resin cleaner. The water flow and capacity of your water softener can be reduced by accumulation of iron and mineral residues. This can not only reduce the performance of your appliance but can also cause unpleasant odour and taste to the water.


A resin cleaner is used to clean the iron and mineral residues from the device’s resins. This will keep your device working optimally and eliminate any odour and taste nuisances.


Water softener manufacturers recommend using resin cleaner once a year. This is why we supply this as standard when servicing your appliance.


As a first step, we measure the hardness of your water to make sure everything is working properly and that the water is soft.


Afterwards, the appliance and its components are checked and cleaned where necessary. Think of the valves, filters, injectors, …
Pieces are replaced where necessary.

As the penultimate step, the water softener is disinfected. Inside the water softener, salt can start to accumulate. Disinfecting the device kills bacteria.


Finally, the salt pan is also cleaned and then the water is retested and adjusted correctly.


During a Soft Water Solutions maintenance, the technician will also provide salt and resin cleaner. This allows you to move on for another year. Four bags of salt are provided each time. If you know from experience that you will need more, these can of course be reordered.