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Water softeners for B2B and individuals


Water softeners for individuals

Soft Water Solutions guarantees quality water softeners at the most competitive price. If you are thinking of buying a water softener for your home, be sure to ask for a free quote tailored to your needs.
If the tap water in your community is hard (see Hard Water), this does not mean you cannot use it. A water softener from Soft Water Solutions ensures that you can drink and use your tap water worry-free in your household.

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Water softeners for companies

Soft Water Solutions also provides the right solution for hard water for industry and companies. As a restaurant, hotel, office building, municipality, school, rest home, apartment building … hard water can be a big expense. By installing a water softener tailored to your activity, you can avoid these costs. An investment in a water softener is quickly recouped and provides other benefits such as potable tap water and soft water for all uses.

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Softening salt in large and small quantities

Salt is an essential product in water softening with a water softener. As a supplier of private and professional water softeners, we also supply salt, in large and small quantities, for business and domestic use.
This type of salt, specially formulated to “process” water is also used in dishwashers. It is formulated to regenerate resins.

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A water softener to a fair and
correct price with after-sales service

Maintenance of your water softener

The frequency of maintenance for your water softener may vary according to model and consumption. For most water softeners, one annual maintenance is sufficient. Soft Water Solutions provides maintenance of your water softener, even if it was not installed by us. Because of our years of experience in water softeners/water softeners, we have experience with (almost) all appliances. Thus, we can extend and increase the life of your appliance through our good service.

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