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Hot water, also for you

Discover the benefits of an Atlantic heat pump boiler

Hot Water Solutions is a distributor of Atlantic Explorer heat pump boilers. As recently as 2016, the Explorer V3 received the “Best Buy” award for its good value for money, making it a benchmark of its kind. Meanwhile, the Explorer V4 is also available with even more benefits.


With an Atlantic Explorer boiler with integrated heat pump, you can enjoy year-round domestic hot water with more favorable efficiency than a high-efficiency boiler. The unit has numerous innovative features and is compatible with solar and central heating boilers


With a heat pump boiler, you supply your home with hot water in an ecological and cost-effective way. The unit uses unheated indoor and outdoor air as an energy source to heat domestic water for kitchen, bath and shower. Where a regular boiler uses 3 to 4 times more energy, you can save up to €1000 a year with a heat pump boiler. Therefore, for installing an Atlantic Explorer, you can count on a premium from the Flemish government.


Advantages Atlantic Explorer v4

Even better acoustic and technical (COP) performance

New refrigerant

Optimized operation with photovoltaic panels for maximum efficiency

New esthetic design

Improved fan

View the bonus from the Flemish government
Soft Water Solutions - Atlantic - Approved Partner

Pay less for your hot water with our heat pump water heaters from Atlantic


How does a heat pump boiler work?

A heat pump boiler runs on electricity and ambient heat from indoor air, outdoor air or exhaust ventilation air. Through this combination, such a device will consume much less than a conventional heating appliance since it extracts up to 70% energy from the ambient air. As a result, the installation of a heat pump boiler can pay for itself within a year.


A heat pump boiler has coolant that boils at a low temperature and becomes gaseous. A compressor in the unit compresses the gas, and this pressure causes the temperature to rise. The released heat is going to heat up the water. The gas becomes liquid again, the pressure is reduced and the cycle can thus begin again.

Pay less for your hot water with our heat pump water heaters from Atlantic

ATLANTIC Explorer V4

The Explorer V4 is the successor to the V3. Compared to the earlier model, the V4 has better technical performance, resulting in higher efficiency and a better COP (Coefficient Of Performance). It also operates more quietly and the operation of the fan was improved. The design was also improved and made more attractive.

All the good points were obviously retained, both technically and in terms of the construction of the unit.


The V4 is also equipped with Cozytouch technology, which allows you to control the water heater remotely with your tablet or smartphone. In addition, the device is equipped with the Smart Control function that learns and remembers your habits to maximize control over consumption.


Would you like to receive a quote for your hot water with a heat pump boiler? Contact us without any obligation!