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Water softeners at THE BEST CONDITIONS for individuals and B2B

Contact us for a no-obligation appointment or visit our showroom!

Soft Water Solutions guarantees quality water softeners at the most competitive price. If you are thinking of buying a water softener for your home or business, be sure to ask for a no-obligation quote tailored to your needs.


Delicious purified water straight from your tap?

It's possible now, with our drinking water filters

For the development of this filter, only the best elements were retained from previous tests of other filters. This way we can guarantee that our drinking water filters stop all particles larger than ½ micron. The system will remove all polluting elements, but retain the natural minerals.


Top quality HOSHIZAKI ice machines

Ice Water Solutions

For unparalleled quality ice, rely on Ice Water Solutions, the leading supplier of Hoshizaki ice machines. Hoshizaki is known worldwide for its innovation, durability and reliability. Our ice machines are perfect for restaurants, hotels and cafes, providing a steady supply of clear and flavorful ice. With Ice Water Solutions you opt for ice-cold perfection.


Pay less for your hot water with our heat pump boilers

Discover the benefits of an Atlantic heat pump boiler

Hot Water Solutions is a distributor of Atlantic Explorer heat pump boilers. The Explorer V3 still received the 'Best Buy' award in 2016 for its good value for money, making it a benchmark of its kind. Meanwhile, the Explorer V4 is also available with even more benefits!

Soft Water Solutions

Soft Water Solutions – Hot Water Solutions

Soft Water Solutions, specialized in water softeners, is a qualitative organization, founded on years of experience in the world of water softening as well as heat pump boilers and drinking water filters. We deliver our high-quality products at competitive prices and with honest service.

All employees had been fortunate to have several years of experience as technicians and sales representatives at a company specializing in water softeners.


With this combined experience and the feeling that the customer deserves even better service, they decided to proceed to found Soft Water Solutions. Later, then, Hot Water Solutions was born.


The company guarantees the supply of the highest quality standard water softeners as well as heat pump boilers for both individuals and businesses. In addition, Soft Water Solutions is in charge of complete maintenance, this for all brands!!! and delivery of your salt.


Soft Water Solutions works with its own specialists spread throughout Belgium and Luxembourg!

Contact us for a no-obligation appointment
or visit our showroom!

What we are experts in


Water softeners

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Heat pump boilers

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Drinking water filters

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What our customers say

Benefits of a water softener

Better for your devices

Get rid of limescale. Thanks to the water softener, your appliances last much longer

Less energy consumption

Less lime in your appliances leads to a lot less energy consumption

Better for skin and hair

No more hard water. Soft water ensures smooth hair and better skin hygiene

Save up to € 650

Save as much as € 650 a year with a water softener. Independent study by Aqua Belgica the Belgian Federation for Water Treatment

A water softener to a fair and
correct price with after-sales service


Water softeners

Soft Water Solutions guarantees quality water softeners at the most competitive price.


If the tap water in your community is hard (see Hard Water), it doesn’t mean you can’t use it. A water softener from Soft Water Solutions ensures that you can drink and use your tap water worry-free in your household.

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Combo promotion

Buy a water softener and a heat pump boiler now and receive a gift of 1000 € with your purchase
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Trade-in promotion

If your current water softener no longer performs properly, consumes excessive salt and/or water, or you can no longer obtain spare parts, we offer you the opportunity to exchange your old water softener for a brand new Soft Water César Pro 8100 SXT water softener
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“Green earth” promotion

The ``Green Earth`` is a revolutionary water softener that operates without electricity and requires no maintenance. By choosing this innovative technology, you can not only save money on your energy bill but also contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet
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Benefits of a heat pump boiler

Up to € 1000 savings per year

Since a heat pump boiler uses up to 75% less energy than a conventional electric boiler, a heat pump boiler can heat your domestic hot water as much as three times cheaper. Thus, depending on your family size and consumption pattern, you will save about 1,000 euros per year

Take advantage of energy subsidies

Heat pump boilers don’t just save on energy bills. Unlike conventional gas, fuel oil or electricity boilers, they are eligible for premiums in the three regions. This makes switching to a heat pump boiler even more advantageous

50% less CO2 emissions

An Atlantic heat pump boiler emits half as much CO2 as a boiler paired with a gas or oil boiler, making it a whole lot more environmentally friendly. Also compared to a conventional electric water heater, a heat pump water heater is a much more ecological choice thanks to its high efficiency of up to 75%. A power plant has an efficiency of only 40%

Optimal use of solar power

Do you have photovoltaic solar panels? If so, heat pump boilers from Atlantic are especially interesting. Because heat pump boilers that are smart grid ready can be connected to the electricity production from your solar panels and act as a thermal battery for your solar electricity that they convert into solar heat. The perfect way to make the most of your self-generated electricity yourself

Pay less for your hot water with our heat pump water heaters from Atlantic


Heat pump boilers from Atlantic

With a heat pump boiler, you supply your home with hot water in an ecological and cost-effective way. The unit uses unheated indoor and outdoor air as an energy source to heat domestic water for kitchen, bath and shower. Where a regular boiler uses 3 to 4 times more energy, you can save up to €1000 a year with a heat pump boiler.


Therefore, for installing an Atlantic Explorer, you can count on a premium from the Flemish government.

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Do you already have a water softener? Then schedule your maintenance (all brands)