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Avoid extra costs due to hard water

Water softeners for B2B

Soft Water Solutions also provides the right solution for hard water for industry and companies. As a restaurant, hotel, office building, municipality, school, rest home, apartment building … hard water can be a big expense. By installing a water softener tailored to your activity, you can avoid these costs. An investment in a water softener is quickly recouped and provides other benefits such as potable tap water and soft water for all uses.


Soft Water Solutions always works to suit your consumption. Depending on the amount of water your business consumes, we will offer you the best price. In addition, you can enjoy interesting maintenance terms when you opt for a short-term or long-term maintenance contract.


Don’t hesitate and get a no-obligation quote today for a customised water softener for your business!


A water softener to a fair and
correct price with after-sales service


Operation of our water softeners

Water softeners that work on with ion exchange are often seen as the most efficient, which is why we at Soft Water Solutions choose this method.


The water softener consists of a cylinder. Resin beads are placed in it. In it, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are exchanged for sodium ions. The water is thus descaled by the resin beads. The salt reservoir takes care of rinsing or regenerating the resin cylinder. The resin beads become saturated after some time and then their action decreases. The salt or brine water rinses the lime and magnesium from the resin so that it becomes clean again and so that ion exchange can once again take place optimally.


In short, a water softener or water softener provides more comfort and a more pleasant life. Less cleaning, fewer broken and leaking taps, …


Soft Water Solutions supplies you with water softeners in all versions, ranging from resin tanks of 4 to 75 litres.