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Why install a water softener?

Numerous litres of tap water are consumed daily in private homes, SMEs and industrial companies alike. Tap water is usually hard which means it is rich in calcium and magnesium. Using hard water is not unhealthy, however, it does have a negative impact on your water. Installing and using a water softener or water softener benefits several things.


You often notice this yourself when you find limescale deposits on your appliances, in your shower, sink, etc. If you always dry everything well and quickly, you will not find any limescale stains, but even then a water softener is recommended, because limescale also adheres to the pipes of your water and household appliances.


So click on the button below and find out if the water in your city/municipality is hard.


You can also measure the hardness of your water yourself. Such test kits are available in DIY shops or from us.


However, if you would like to make an appointment for this, that is of course possible too. We are happy to visit you to measure the hardness of your water and provide advice tailored to your family composition and usage for the installation of your water softener.

Test your water hardness

A water softener to a fair and
correct price with after-sales service


Benefits of a water softener

No scale build-up on showers and faucets and ensures clean plumbing

Longer life of various household appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers, irons, etc.)

No unnecessary efforts for separate descaling with chemicals of various appliances

Your central heating system requires less maintenance

Energy bill goes down

Softer skin and hair

In short, a water softener or water softener provides more comfort and a more pleasant life. Less cleaning, fewer broken and leaking taps… Don’t wait any longer and request your no-obligation quote from Soft Water Solutions today!