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Hard water?

Is your water hard?

As residents of Belgium, we are lucky that our tap water is drinkable. A disadvantage of our potable tap water is also often that the water is hard. Hard water is the sum of calcium and magnesium in the water. The hardness of tap water is mostly expressed in French degrees, abbreviated °F.


You often notice this yourself when you find limescale on your appliances, in your shower, sink, etc. If you always dry everything well and quickly, you will not find any limescale stains, but even then a water softener is recommended, because limescale also adheres to the pipes of your water and household appliances.


You can also measure the hardness of your water yourself. Such test kits are available in DIY shops or from us.


However, if you would like to make an appointment for this, that is of course possible too. We will visit you to measure the hardness of your water and give advice tailored to your family composition and usage for the installation of your water softener.


If you want to check the hardness of your tap water, you can find out the average hardness of the water in your municipality by clicking on the button below and entering your postcode.


Is the water in your municipality proving too hard? Contact Soft Water Solutions for a no-obligation quote!

How hard is my water?

A water softener to a fair and
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